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We live in a wireless world. More accurately, we live in an electromagnetic world. We wade through a sea of electromagnetism, or „electrosmog“ as some might say, on a daily basis and most of us think nothing of it. We just accept it as the „norm“ as our lives are largely reliant on it to one degree or another.

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Two hundred years ago that was not the case. At that point in time the book of electromagnetism was still closed. Its preface was written in 1820 by Danish scientist, Hans Christian Oersted. He noticed during a lecture that a compass needle moved when an electric current was flowing nearby. A clear relationship between electric current and magnetism had been demonstrated and the opening chapters of the book were then written by such icons of physics as Michael Faraday and James Maxwell.

Since then, man has progressively added more and more varied sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on a global basis. We have successfully made our lives easier and more entertaining (through household electricity, labour-saving appliances, radio, television for example) and our world smaller (through various sorts of telecommunications). Although some people had misgivings along the way, generally we have accepted the changes gratefully without the thought that, at some stage, there may be a price to pay for our own ingenuity.

The Electromagnetic Invoice

Irrespective of the possibility of any direct health effects of EMF (often referred to as „electrosmog“), the electromagnetic-invoice recently arrived in everyone’s letterbox. We are now so dependant on all the aspects of our technological progress, to the point of addiction in some cases, that to consider living without them is unthinkable. And given that fact, we have accepted the consequences, unconditionally, and have to live with more stress physically, emotionally and electromagnetically.

At this point we have to ask the question: what if radio frequency (RF, such as Wi-Fi and mobile phones) and extra low frequency (ELF, e.g. domestic electricity supply) electromagnetism have more effect on human biology than just the browning of our skin when we sit in the electromagnetism (in this case light) of the sun? It’s a question which has occupied many scientists for years, with both positive and negative results, but which has still not been answered conclusively.

Its the consideration of this question which this blog intends to address.

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